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Depression is rampant in modern culture. However, it’s definitely nothing new. People have been grappling with depression for centuries. If you feel depressed and you’re wondering why you have to deal with the blues, you should know that you are not alone. Depression is a serious problem and others are going through exactly the same thing.

To help you understand just how common this mental health issue actually is, we’ve created a practical quick guide. Our depression statistics will assist you with gaining welcome perspective. We hope that they’ll also push you to get help if you haven’t already.

A family doctor is definitely the best person to talk to about depression.

Depression Statistics for America

Depression statistics for this disorder shows that depression afflicts well over fourteen million USA adults each year. This represents almost seven percent of the American population. Some people have short-lived episodes of depression while others suffer from longer-lasting problems, which sometimes fit the parameters of Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD). With PDD, depressive episodes last for twenty-four months or more.

Overall, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues in the USA. Those who are prone to anxiety disorders frequently suffer from depression also.

Depression is common, but, luckily, it’s far from untreatable. While certain forms of depression may be resistant to treatment (there is a depression type known as Treatment-resistant depression), others respond very well to treatment. Talking to your doctor will help you to get the right diagnosis and a treatment plan which is perfect for your needs.

How to Treat Depression

Depression may be treated via therapy or via medication, or by a combination of these two treatments. Combination therapy is quite popular. The medication, such as a SSRI antidepressant, will be administered and the patient will also receive therapy from a trained and licensed therapist. There are different antidepressants and forms of therapy. A doctor will look at the patient’s health record, medical history and the current state of mind and then decide what’s best.

Doctors are able to prescribe medications and recommend therapists. Quite often, SSRIs, combined with the type of therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy, are combined in order to relieve symptoms of depression. The pills deal with the physical symptoms while the therapy addresses the underlying, root causes of depression.

As you can see, help is out there. You just need to ask for it. While a depressed person may not have the motivation to get out there and get help, doing so will really be the best way for the person to feel better fast. If you’re depressed, do something positive for yourself. Get dressed, go see your doctor and do what he or she says. If you know someone who is depressed, explain that modern treatment options may completely change the way that the person feels inside.

Depression is a symptom of being human. It’s often a sign of being strong for too long. The key to unlocking better mental health is finding resources in the community. Those who don’t have coverage for therapy may be able to access free or low-cost therapy via community programs.

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