Do You Need Substance Abuse Treatment?


If your chemical dependence is affecting your ability to lead a happy, productive and healthy life, you’re definitely a candidate for substance abuse treatment. The truth is that many of us struggle to get a handle on addiction…and addiction comes in many forms.

Some people are hooked on prescription painkillers. Others utilize street drugs in order to escape from the harsh realities of life. Many are alcoholics who use booze in order to cope. Others may be addicted to food or sex.

Addiction is a disease and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Understanding that you’re an addict is the first step to getting better. Since you’re here today, you’re probably thinking about taking the next step…

The next step is substance abuse treatment.

What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment is typically rehabbed or support-group related.

Many rehab centers offer chemical dependency treatment for drugs and/or alcohol. Rehab is a smart option, as intensive support is given to patients and there are rehab facilities all over America. Some are very expensive and luxurious – others are more basic and affordable.

Most substance abuse treatment is traditional in type and features a 12-step model for recovery. For example, The Betty Ford Clinic is known for its traditional, 12-step addiction recovery model. A famous, non-traditional rehab center which offers treatment without the “twelve steps” is Passages in Malibu. Out-patient, in-patient and day patient treatment options are usually available. Do some research in order to find out which type of program is right for you.

During rehab-based substance abuse treatment, patients are asked to clean out their systems before therapy begins. This is also known as getting clean or drying out. After this happens, patients are evaluated in order to determine the severity of their addiction issues. Post-evaluation, detailed treatment plans are created in order to meet the needs of individual patients. Usually, inpatient rehab lasts at least 28 days.

Those who don’t want to go to rehab or can’t afford the cost of getting treated in this manner may prefer to seek out support groups in their towns or cities. Alcoholics Anonymous is one famous support group for people who are addicted to booze. Narconon is the same type of support group and it is for those who are hooked on drugs. However, Narconon is affiliated with The Church of Scientology and this church is something that a lot of people have a problem with.

If you want drug addiction treatment via a support group and you prefer a non-Scientology support group, you should be able to find one right in your own community or online.

These support groups are centered on group therapy. Sharing stories and gathering strength from others is what it’s all about. Sometimes, it’s better to attend a real-life meeting, more rather than seeking help online. Being around others who have the same problems may be very beneficial. However, online therapy is also an option. Everyone is different.

How to Get Started

Now that you know some important facts about substance abuse treatment, you’ll be ready for the next step, which is finding an appropriate rehab facility. Your budget will probably play a primary role in which facility you choose. If you prefer support groups, you should know that these are typically free.