Extreme Anxiety | Common Signs and Symptoms


Common Signs and Symptoms That You May Be Dealing with Extreme Anxiety

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t get nervous or anxious from time to time (and if you think you come across one of those “unicorns” that all you have to do is just ask them how they feel about public speaking and you’ll inevitably see them start to sweat), but some people – many millions according to be American Medical Association – are dealing with extreme anxiety that hinders their ability to lead a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted lifestyle.

If you are concerned that you are dealing with extreme anxiety, or if you are worried that someone you love may be dealing with this kind of condition, you’ll want to focus in on all of the details that we have to offer in this quick guide.

We’ll highlight some of the most common signs and symptoms that to you need to be aware of to determine whether or not you are dealing with extreme anxiety or something less dangerous!

How Much Do You Worry?

One of the most common signs and symptoms that you were dealing with extreme anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD) is that you have a daily tendency to worry too much about all kinds of everyday things and events regardless of their potential impact on your life.

If you have persistent anxiety and anxious thoughts pretty much every day of your life – and if the extreme anxiety that you are dealing with negatively impacts your day to day life – the odds are pretty good that you are contending with GAD.

Now, at the same time, there are definitely some people that are just a little more nervous than others may be. It’s important to differentiate between extreme anxiety and simply being concerned, which is why it is so advantageous for you to get a proper diagnosis from a legitimate medical professional.

Are You Facing Challenges Sleeping?

Another real sign or symptom that you are dealing with a tremendous amount of extreme anxiety or GAD is that you chronically find yourself lying awake for hours and hours on end worrying about issues that shouldn’t be keeping you up for even just a single moment.

According to information published by the experts at WebMD.com, close to half of all the people living with GAD or extreme anxiety are struggling with sleep issues that only further compound the problems that they are already dealing with.

Trying to find a methodology and treatment protocol that allows you to get better sleep can be difficult, especially if you aren’t able to really uncover the root core issues that are keeping you want and causing your extreme anxiety to begin with.

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) can be incredibly effective at helping open up this kind of information to you, giving you the answers you need to effectively treat and eliminate extreme anxiety without you having to fiddle around with potentially dangerous anxiety or antidepressant medications.

Obviously, you’ll want to talk about all of the options available to you with a trusted and highly trained medical professional and take advantage of the answers that they have to share with you.