How to Stop Panic Attacks


Panic Attacks Uncovered

Learning how to stop panic attacks is relatively easy with a little prior knowledge and it can even be done at home with the supervision of a doctor. Here is how:

Understand the Panic Attack

The first thing you will need is to fully understand the comprehensive nature of panic attacks. Understanding what causes them is the surest way to handle it when you get one. This knowledge could potentially get rid of the attacks for good.

Learn to Relax Your Mind

The second thing you need to know in how to stop a panic attack is recognizing it early, then stop scaring yourself mentally dealing with anxiety. Realize it is a panic attack and not a heart attack and you are most certainly not dying. Learn how to have positive thinking and constantly assure yourself that it is just the body's normal reaction to fear and “it shall pass”.

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How to Stop Panic Attacks with Controlled Breathing

Use deep breathing to control hyperventilating which is a sign of panic attack. Focus on your breathing and do it through your mouth to get more air into your chest and prevent the tightness and pain in the chest that could occur later.

Blocking out Stimuli

You could close your eyes especially if you are in a passive environment that is filled with stimuli that could be feeding to your attack. Close your eyes and assure yourself that everything is going to be just fine. Blocking out the stimuli can also help you focus on your breathing tips on stimuli blocking.

Relax Your Muscles

Since panic attacks can freeze up the body, using muscle relaxation techniques can help stop a panic attack by helping your body control its response as much as possible. You could start by simply relaxing your shoulders or fingers.

Focus on Happy Thoughts

Some people find it helpful to picture a happy memory or place. This has been found to be helpful in taking your focus off the cause of your panic and you calm yourself down and get a more positive outlook Importance of positive thinking.

Take Medication

Taking Benzodiazepines can be helpful in treating your panic attacks especially for people with a panic disorder diagnosis.

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Engage in Physical Exercise

Finally, you could engage in light exercises that will keep your blood pumping just right to avoid numbness of the skin. You can take a walk or a quick swim that will take your mind off things and stop your panic attack.


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