Anxiety Disorders

Extreme Anxiety | Common Signs and Symptoms

Common Signs and Symptoms That You May Be Dealing with Extreme Anxiety There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t get nervous or anxious from time to time (and if you think you come across one of those “unicorns” that all you have to do is just ask them how

Panic Disorder Symptoms

How to Get a Handle on Panic Disorder Symptoms If you suffer from panic disorder symptoms, you should know that many people suffer along with you. The key to unlocking the help that you need is to discover which treatments are available and to learn how to access them right in

Discover Important Facts about Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is quite a common affliction and it makes its sufferers quite wary of mingling. If you frequently avoid seeking out social interactions, you may have this disorder. People with this problem tend to withdraw socially to a remarkable extent. Often, they feel lonely and they also feel powerless